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Posted on 6th May 2017 in Uncategorized

My friend Anik Signal is doing something pretty cool this week:

He’s giving away 3 of his BEST online business trainings (over 2,000 USD worth of value) just to encourage you to contribute 5 USD to an AWESOME cause!

Check it out!

Your contribution will be used DIRECTLY for helping lift a village in Eastern Africa out of poverty.



“Village Enterprise” is probably the coolest, most IMPACTFUL organization I’ve heard of.

Instead of feeding people in need, giving them water or medicines (which don’t get me wrong, are all NEEDED but don’t truly solve the root problem)..

..VE comes into a village to train, fund and accelerate new 50 ‘micro-businesses’ – a strategy that has been proven to raise the living standard of 1,000 people by over 40%!

So you can be sure your money will be WELL invested – and will have a sizeable, long term impact in the community it’ll help.

Plus, Anik is giving you an awesome THANK YOU gift for chipping in:

3 of his BEST mindset and online business programs (over 2,000 USD worth of REAL value)

Course #1 Power Start-Up 101 The 5 “Mind-Secrets” 95% of Millionaires Share In Common…

Course #2 The Scaling Mind 60 Minute Entrepreneurial Breakthrough – Preparing To Build…

Course #3 Profit Labs The Step By Step Blueprint To Taking Your Business LIVE & Getting The First Sale…

…and direct access to weekly coaching with Anik himself!

In short, if you like to help causes that EMPOWER those in need, and you’re looking to finally “crack the code” and build the online business that’ll allow you to build your dream lifestyle..

..this awesome opportunity is a complete SLAM DUNK!

Go get them!

Help Lift A Village Out Of Poverty And Get Your 3 GIFTS!