Your Journey of a Lifetime Begins Today!

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When we look back through the years and years of teaching the secrets to creating a life of success, abundance, well being and fulfilment.

We noticed that there is one question that comes up more than any other…

“Why aren’t all these personal development strategies working for me with the same power it does for others even though they don’t try as hard as I do?”

Many of you know and practice plenty of really powerful spiritual and self-growth tools and rituals that were proven to change the lives of others. Then why do you still feel like they’re not working well enough for you?

Or why do you still feel like there’s a block preventing you from achieving your biggest desires?

Want the answer?

Andy Shaw, a 50 year old man from England & author of the Breakthrough process called – A Bug Free Mind, thinks he just might have it!

Andy’s got some pretty powerful insights into why some people just can’t seem to get their life on track, no matter what they try!

What you should know is Andy is NOT your typical personal development teacher. He’s made over $70 million dollars in his career so far, and taught well over 2,000 people to make in excess of $200 million in the last 10 years.

…And … what makes this more interesting, is that he became a multimillionaire many times over BEFORE he ever read a book on success!

But, It wasn’t until 2007-09 credit crunch, when Andy lost his entire first fortune that he started his personal development journey.

Andy recalls: “I remember picking up books like Think & Grow Rich, and Rich Dad Poor Dad, and thinking. This is brilliant. All the answers are here!”

You see, Andy knew he could easily take what was in those books, and create success once again. It was certain. It was done!

But that’s when it hit him …

The one question that changed his life (and the lives of thousands of A Bug Free Mind Students in nearly 140 countries … forever!) And that question was:

“Why is it, that I can succeed with this so easily, when most people struggle to get any where?”

Andy has spent the last 10 years answering that question. His quest has taken him all the way around the world multiple times. Studying the greatest & wisest success experts in the world today.

And his conclusion after all his study, is that ultimately there is a serious problem with the way most personal development is taught.

He says :

“The reason why a lot of people cannot apply “the success” guidance they study, despite how many products they buy, or how hard they try … is because they’re trying to load good software onto a mind, that’s infested with bugs…

“Without first clearing these bugs… and regaining, complete control over the full power of your mind, its like attempting to drive an incredible supercar with your foot hard on the brake! No matter how hard you push, you don’t get anywhere!”

Andy’s controversial stance has caused quite an uproar in the Law of Attraction / self growth communities. But the numbers don’t lie! According to recently published surveys 92% of A Bug Free Mind students emphatically claim his process is working for them to:

…Banish all negative thought

…Create unstoppable confidence

…Uncover exactly what they want from life

…Find their lives true purpose

…Manifest desires on command!

And lot’s lots more… and all this, coming from people who say that, “before I tried A Bug Free Mind.. NOTHING worked for me before… “ proving his process works!

Now … The REALLY Good News!

Andy has created a FREE 6 part Mental Strength Program called the Mental Strength Fast Start Kit that shows you how to easily unlock an abundance of mental strength hidden within your mind.

The kit also walks you through the foundation of Mental Strength: containing everything you need to start removing the ‘bugs’ that are holding you back and awaken your natural success mindset.

You can download this Mental Strength Fast Start Kit! At no cost.

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No prior experience or achievements are necessary:

He teaches 6 key skills in this program, including The Foundation of Mental Strength Parts 1 & 2, Your Mind’s Off Switch, Your Mental Force Sheild, Thought Awareness, and Avoiding Misjudgement…

And many other fascinating insights which are all designed to benefit anyone from any level.

mental-strength-fast-start-kitThe Reason Why Andy Is Releasing This FREE 6 Part Fast Start Kit:

Is quite simply so “non members” like you, may finally have an opportunity to experience how much easier… how much more fulfilling… how much more successful and enjoyable life can be when you decide to go ‘bug free’

… and to do it without having to spend a penny!

If that sounds like a good deal to you, then please click on the link below: Click Here & Access The 6 Part Mental Strength Fast Start Kit right now.

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