Custom Tours


Custom designed wine tours

If you prefer something different than my scheduled wine tours I can tailor a wine tour specifically to your requirements.

Perhaps you want to travel with a group of your friends, colleagues, business associates or customers… The tours can be focused on wine only or can be combined with other things such as food and gastronomy, real estate investments (vineyards, fruit farms…), golf, cultural visits, etc.

Tailor made wine tours on all levels


téléchargement (2)I work with “amateur” wine lovers (“amateur” as in the French sense of the word, meaning someone who loves something!) and with professionals – wine importers, sommeliers, restaurateurs, vineyard investors, wine journalists… I can organise experiences on all levels: “just for fun and pleasure” to highly specialised and advanced educational tours.

I can do a custom designed wine tour for any number of people. I have planned tours for one person and worked with large groups. It is up to you.

All my highly specialised and advanced educational wine tours are accompanied by an  expert wine guide.

I know wine and gastronomy, but I also know the local culture and, more importantly, the language. I speak French, English and Spanish. I  invite you to watch this video where I introduce myself and to Read about me.

Some examples of custom wine tours


Are you studying on a wine education program? Are you a wine enthusiast who wants to learn more on a specific subject? I can organise educational and training tours according to your specific needs.

Corporate events

Conferences, customer events, sales meetings, team building activities, secluded board meetings… From a small private party of just a few people who need privacy, to large groups with special requirements. I can help you organise it and make sure it becomes a lasting memory for the people you bring.

Wine buyers’ and wine importers’ tours

Are you a retailer looking for new suppliers? Want to discover new winemakers and new wines?

mg0614Talk to me about your requirements and what you are looking for and I can design a trip for you that will allow you to find new wine producers to include in your selection.

It can also be a wine tour created specifically for a wine importer that he can offer to his contacts or VIP customers. It will be a unique opportunity to showcase your producers to your best clients, by taking them around to meet your favourite wine suppliers.

Other languages

I have access to a multi-lingual team that can take you around the wine countries in several different languages. Just ask.

Custom tours

téléchargement (4)There are many, many exciting destinations for a tour. Having lived in several countries and travelled to a number of others, I organise tours to Canada, the United States, France, Spain, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand and several other countries.

Also, I not only do wine tours but also tours for the purpose of

  • Discovering a new country and unique historical sites and immersing oneself in the local culture
  • Relocation – Are you looking at retiring or living in a different country. I have lived in several countries and can guide you and facilitate the process
  • Investing – I can help you find a good deal on a primary or secondary residence. This is how I have financed many of my travels.
  • Business ventures and other investment opportunities in land, farms, etc.

Contact me and discuss your ideas.

You can be confident that I know wine, I know travel and I am at home anywhere I go! Read about me